True Merchant Provides the TRUTH Behind the October 1st EMV Deadline

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Information for everything business owners need to know on how to safely and securely upgrade their credit card systems.

  Understanding the liability shift non-compliance will bring to business owners

  Education on how to accept EMV credit and debit card transactions

  Local leader in providing an EMV solution for regional businesses

Pittsburgh, PASince Visa announced U.S. participation in the global point-of-sale counterfeit liability shift four years ago, the merchant industry has been ever-changing. What does this liability shift mean to business owners? Are business owners even aware of it? What is the new chip technology and how does it work? Too many questions, a lot of misinformation, and not enough answers.

True Merchant, a Pittsburgh-based merchant service company founded in 2009, is prepared to answer all of those questions and provide a solution. True Merchant agents have been educating local business owners day-by-day and bringing them to EMV compliance for the past year.

We have found that many small business owners have been told there is change coming, but there has been no follow-up on how to ensure compliance, said Jimi Romanus, Vice President of True Merchant. Our educational seminars are to provide insight into the changes and answer all necessary questions to help a merchant understand the significant difference that is going to affect how they accept payments. We feel that it is our obligation to the business community to arm them with the full facts and details of this industry shift.

Becoming EMV compliant is a simple process and one that Romanus has committed to doing for as many regional merchants as possible. Should a business owner not become compliant by the October 1, 2015 deadline, then any data breach, dispute or fraudulent activity will be the responsibility of the business owner instead of the financial institution. Becoming compliant will eliminate that responsibility and keep business owners protected.

True Merchant has found that many small businesses are still not aware of the urgency of the EMV upgrade, or aware of the upgrade requirement at all. In an effort to make that happen, True Merchant is prepared to supply businesses with a free terminal to bring them to EMV compliance should they decide to partner with True Merchant. As a locally headquartered business, True Merchant will strive to help other business owners in the community be protected under the new regulations.

About True Merchant:

True Merchant is one of the fastest growing companies in the payments industry. Founded in 2009, True Merchant is a privately held corporation headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania providing needed services to businesses nationwide. Our belief is that business is built on quality relationships and delivering on commitments. We have a strong understanding of the effort it takes to run a business so we strive to make our services as simple as possible to use.

True Merchant currently maintains an A+Rating with the Better Business Bureau and is an active member of numerous Chamber of Commerces and Trade Organizations.

Authored By:  Pat Hanavan