The Fun Side of Payment Processing No One Talks About!

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Monotony within a daily routine due to a safe career choice can wear on you overtime. Life should be fun and I’ve discovered simple joys within an industry appearing to be incredibly dull on its surface. Let’s take a look at the fun side of the payment processing industry, the part no one talks about.

Payment Processing Seems Boring…

A short decade ago, our economy was swimming in the toilet and our future seemed grim. Seemingly out of nowhere, the internet came along. Not saying the invention of the internet, but the very obvious social shift resulting in the rapid increase of technological innovation. Opportunities to become instant millionaires by creating phone apps that turned no profit is now a legitimate opportunity―without context, that sounds crazy doesn’t it?


From an outside perspective peering through the window, anything dealing with payment processing seemed to be nothing more than numbers coupled with lots of math―my kryptonite! After dipping my toes in, I quickly realized an obvious yet ignored truth, every business in the world needs the ability to accept payments. Sure, cash will always have its place, but cash has become a dinosaur and less people are carrying it on them. What records and cassette tapes are to music, cash is now to payments.

The ability and need to accept payments will always have relevance―for obvious reasons. It’s exciting to take a step back and look at the explosive innovation happening within the payment arena today. Pull out your iPhone and thank NFC for the ability to pay for items with your phone. EMV computer chip credit cards are now being introduced as a standard to the entire United States. In app payments from companies such as Stripe allow for apps like Uber and Airbnb to exist. Without these recent innovations in the payment space, many of the companies that now exist would not have the ability to do so.

The Fun Side of the Payments Industry:


As stated, everyone needs the ability to accept payments, but the truly fun side is having the ability to step into a business and figure out ways to help them. Let me explain.

I enjoy helping businesses, I enjoy conjuring up strategies to increase efficiency and productivity, and I enjoy meeting new people. When you have a product or service that everyone wants and needs, you now have a way to network with someone new and provide value by helping their business. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking to startups in Silicon Valley working on the next billion dollar app or talking to ranch dressing manufacturers in Hidden Valley, every company needs better ways to accept payments.

Having the ability to save a business money is one thing, any owner will appreciate savings. The ability to increase efficiency, save a business owner’s time, and increase the net profit each month, that is where this industry gets fun. Each company you meet provides a new challenge and when it’s a job well done, that business owner no longer treats you like a colleague, they treat you like family.

Living life as a free agent is what the payment industry allows you to do. Every business is a potential opportunity to increase your income while challenging you to learn something new about a business or industry you may have never had the chance to be involved in. And best of all, you control your income and there is no ceiling.

Life should be fun and when you have a job that is fun, work is no longer work. I am lucky enough to have found myself involved in a fun opportunity in what I assumed was a dreary industry. If this sounds like the opportunity that interests you too, let’s talk more…