Run Your Business Better with the Virtual Terminal!

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Running a business already has enough troubles and still we find ourselves using archaic methods of payment in the form of cash or checks. Why are checks still a thing? New technology now exists as a convenience yet so many fail to take advantage of it. There has to be a better way than printed paper and snail mail, right!?

Cash and checks create confusing processes that take up our most valued resource, our time. It’s amazing what happens when you begin to automate certain aspects of your business which tend to unknowingly take up a lot of your time. Not having to cash checks means less miles on your car, less trips to the bank, less trips to pick up checks, less time in traffic, and more time to focus on what’s most important, growing your business.


The Virtual Terminal serves as a cornucopia of payment solutions to help automate an important part of your business. Since you are accessing the Virtual Terminal via the internet, you’re able to access the virtual terminal from anywhere you can access the web, your smart phone, laptop, or tablet.

This is what Mike Barbaro had to say about the Virtual Terminal for his business:

mike-barbaroAfter several years of only accepting checks for payment from website design customers, I decided to go with True Merchant for my credit card processor. In the past I experienced several delays in payment from customers by not having the ability to accept credit cards. Within my first week with True Merchant I was able to accept sales from two new customers and their payments were deposited the following day. I can now also begin to place my customers on subscription billing making it easier for my customers and my business alike.

Follow me on this virtual tour of the virtual terminal.

Who is the Virtual Terminal for?

Preferred Industry Types:


-Health Care

-Card Not Present

The Virtual Terminal processes Level II and Level III data so that every transaction qualifies for a lower interchange rate, reducing the cost of each payment processed.

These are the Features Available:

The Dashboard with Real-Time Reporting:

The Virtual Terminal provides real-time access to robust, comprehensive reports on authorizations, settlements and funding activity. It is simple and easy to use meaning a lot less stress!


Gateway + Virtual Terminal:

Simple & Easy to use dashboard:

-Accept electronic payments on any computer
-Easily key-in transactions or use an integrated USB magstripe reader
-Allows access to many other marketplace products


Accept Mobile Payments:

-Mobile swipe device and app for iOS and Android devices
-Card-present processing rates anywhere you go
-Requires Gateway + Virtual Terminal


-Accept eChecks using the Virtual Terminal
-eChecks are less costly than credit card transactions
-Requires Gateway + Virtual Terminal

You can Print / Send Custom Receipts:

Custom receipts allow you to enhance your customer experience by customizing customer profiles, transaction fields, and allowing for the promotion of special events or social media. Mobile printers are also available.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of all of the features that the virtual terminal provides. To learn more, email or tweet @TrueMerchant!