Account Pricing

If you want fair and transparent pricing, choose True Merchant as your credit card processor.

While there are several different pricing models, True Merchant offers interchange-plus pricing. This model is the most consistent with our values and the least costly option for our merchants. As small business owners ourselves, we know how important this is to you!

Interchange Plus

Interchange plus, also referred to as “Cost Plus,” is simply a small percentage markup on top of interchange fees and a per-transaction fee. Cost-plus pricing provides the most transparency as the interchange fees that appear on your monthly statements are the same as those posted by Visa and Mastercard.

In our experience, most merchants are paying too much for credit card processing.

Unfortunately, when a provider does not provide the interchange costs, it’s impossible to determine if you are overpaying. True Merchant lists all of the fees, so our clients know how much they’re paying and who receives the payments, including True Merchant fees. How’s that for transparent!

We know we could choose a different pricing model that would hide fees and confuse merchants, but compromising our integrity just isn’t worth it.

We know your priority is running your business, so let us handle your payment processing.

With True Merchant, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and total transparency so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.