Payment Security

Did you know that 58% of all malware attacks target small businesses?

60% of those businesses are out of business within six months of attack!

Being a small business owner often requires taking calculated risks, but not when it comes to your business’ security. The industry transaction security requirements are continually changing, so you need a partner who has you covered. At True Merchant, we only develop partnerships with payment processors who provide and maintain the highest payment security standards and protocols, so your business never becomes one of those statistics.

cardpointe devices
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CardSecure from Cardpointe

From the moment your customer swipes or keys in their card information CardSecure™ is protecting you and your customers from data from theft. This powerful combination of point to point (P2PE) and patented tokenization technology reduces the risk of a crippling data breach. All sensitive cardholder data is protected, and our clients do not process, transmit, or store this data on their systems.

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TransArmor from Clover

Customers choosing to become part of Clover Family enjoy the same level of data security protections as our CardSecure™ customers. Clover’s P2PE solutions are immediately encrypted with TransArmor, so sensitive card data never leaves the device unencrypted. The TransArmor solution protects your business and customers’ data every step of the way. It provides a line of defense against attacks, protects sensitive cardholder data, and reduces your liability in the event of a breach. The TransArmor Solution is the complete security package.

PCI Compliance

If you are currently accepting credit cards, you are probably familiar with PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) Compliance. Chances are you’ve completed a PCI assessment or may even be paying a monthly non-compliance fee. For those not familiar with PCI compliance, it’s a set of security standards put into place to help protect sensitive cardholder data from theft. Regardless of your business’s size, you are subject to PCI compliance requirements if you accept credit cards! Becoming and remaining compliant requires implementing the security standards designed to safely secure, store, process, and handle sensitive cardholder data. The standards were developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and are updated frequently. To learn more about PCI Compliance, visit PCI Security Standards.

PCI compliance can be confusing and costly, but it doesn’t have to be.! The team at True Merchant is on hand to help you do your part to secure your customers’ data and eliminate non-compliance fees.

Contact True Merchant today for a free rate analysis and to learn how we can help keep you and your customers safe.