Omni Channel Payments Benefits and Strategy

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Omni channel payments benefits both customers and companies alike. Omni channel commerce means providing access to allowing a consumer to make payments to a business across different channels and devices.

As a company, you want to make it as easy as possible to accept payments from your customers. The perfect omni channel commerce solution will give your customers a quality shopping experience and increase your bottom line. It is a win-win.

True Merchant’s CardPointe gateway allows merchants to accept payments from a credit card terminal, integrated software, POS System, online, through a virtual terminal, and on a mobile app.

CardPointe provides the best omni channel solution for merchants. True Merchant’s omni channel solution can handle all payments needs for any business type. Companies can use some or all of the options found within the CardPointe gateway.

By integrating all of your sales channels into a single payment platform, your organization will save money by not having to pay multiple companies.
Your organization will also save money on the time it takes to reconcile reporting. By eliminating additional vendors, all reporting can be found within the CardPointe dashboard.
As with all transactions that run through the CardPointe gateway, your company is protected by the patented P2PE (point-to-point encryption) CardSecure. CardSecure reduces PCI Scope due to its elevated method of protecting customer’s credit card data.

If you currently have multiple vendors for accepting payments, then finding a trusted merchant services company such as True Merchant for omni channel commerce is the step you want to take.

But what if you don’t have an omni channel payments solution currently in place?
With a little effort and the right solution, creating the perfect omni channel payments plan can be done. First, you should follow an outline for all of the methods you want to add the ability for customers to make payments to your company.

It is as simple as writing out a list of questions such as:
How do we want to accept payments in brick & mortar?
Are we okay with using credit card terminals or should we integrate payments within our software? (If so, will our software provider integrate credit card transactions?)
Do we want to allow customers to make payments on our website?
Do we have a person(s) within our company that should accept payments over the phone via a virtual terminal?

Accomplishing adding these elements will surely provide a better experience for your customers.

Contact True Merchant to learn how CardPointe can benefit implementing omni channel payments into your organization.

Authored by:  Jimi Romanus  2-25-2018