Mobile Apps for Accepting Credit Card Payments

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Mobile payment solutions are becoming more and more common by the day. Mobile payment hardware and software solutions enable small businesses and independent contractors to process credit card and debit card payments on the go. As with most mobile solutions, there are innumerable apps that can power mobile payment processing to accept credit card and debit card payments. The key is finding the app(s) that work best for your business’ unique needs. So how exactly can you find the right mobile payment processing apps and what are some of the options?

To answer these questions, today we will be defining the relationship between mobile apps and mobile credit card hardware, look into the clover app marketplace as an example of a robust mobile app database, and review some methods by which you can select the best mobile payment processing solution.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Payment Hardware

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Payment Hardware

This may seem elementary to many of you, but mobile payment processing is not as crystal clear as it might initially seem. It is important to understand that while not all apps work on all devices, you are able to mix and match application software with different hardware options.

Mobile appsare software programs that are designed to function natively on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and in some cases — payment processing hardware. It is also important to note that many modern payment processing hardware solutions are linked to your smartphone or other device and that apps can be managed there.

Mobile payment processing hardware can include mobile POS systems and/or wireless credit card machines. These pieces of hardware are designed to perform the same essential functions as traditional POS systems with the added convenience of mobility.

Clover App Marketplace

Clover App Marketplace

To understand how these concepts work in practical terms, let’s take a look at a leading provider of both mobile payment hardware and software solutions: Clover. Here at True Merchant, we offer a wide range of Clover products because they provide our clients with the best available tools with a high level of flexibility. Clover POS and mobile payment processing solutions come pre-loaded with native apps and functionality to provide the essential functions of payment processing and business management. These can be considered your primary or native apps.

Clover also then offers many third-party apps including Quickbooks and Xero which can be integrated into your existing hardware and software solutions. Business owners and managers can choose to use or not use any of the apps found in the Clover App Market. Other examples of popular apps include Gyft for gift cards and Perka for customer loyalty programs.

What is important to understand about a mobile payment processing provider like Clover combined with True Merchant is that many of these options come bundled with your merchant service agreement. This is contrary to other popular payment processing providers such as Square who frequently charge extra for third party apps. Clover offers a large variety of free native apps and third party apps in addition to a selection of third party apps which can be used for a small fee.

How to Select the Best Mobile Payment Processing Solution

How to Select the Best Mobile Payment Processing Solution

Mobile payment processing solutions are generally part of a merchant services agreement. With this in mind, here are some high-level tips when it comes to choosing the best mobile payment processing solution for your business:

  • Understand the costs involved: many large mobile credit card processors offer transparent pricing, but few truly explain what that will look like in the long run. Take the time to speak with a representative to understand the details of what you can expect to pay for mobile payment processing solutions.

  • Payment security is a must: when performed properly, mobile credit card payments are every bit as secure as in-store purchases. Without the right hardware and software, mobile payments are a higher risk. Rely on security software like CardSecure to keep your business and your customers safe.

  • Hardware capabilities: credit card processing hardware is integral for payment security, reliability, and everything in between. While software gets all the press, understanding the capabilities and limitations of your hardware is equally important.

  • Software capabilities and ease of use: as we reviewed earlier, the software (apps) that power your mobile payment processing solution truly makes all the difference. Shop around for a service that has the apps you need to keep your business running smoothly.

True Merchant Mobile Payment Processing Apps, Hardware, and Full Support

True Merchant is proud to offer a wide range of merchant account services including mobile payment solutions. Our mobile devices and technology allow businesses to accept digital signatures, track inventory, process offline transactions remotely, and even customize digital and paper receipts. Our inventory of mobile payment solutions is backed by our secure payment processing software known as CardPointe Mobile. At True Merchant, we believe that security, convenience, affordability, and transparency are the keys to building a strong merchant/merchant service relationship.

To learn more about how we can help your business start accepting or improve the way in which you accept mobile payments, please contact a member of our qualified sales staff today. We will be happy to walk you through the process and even offer a complimentary price review.