Independent Contractor Jobs, Are You a Good Fit?

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Independent contractor jobs are not always the easiest to find and the lifestyle is not for everyone. To excel at a career on your own requires an incredible amount of self-discipline, organization and desire to succeed. But, not all independent contractors are created equally nor do they share the same discipline and work ethic.

Especially within the merchant services industry, these are a few styles of independent contractor jobs you may come across:

The Entrepreneur:

As Lori Grenier said it, “Entrepreneurs: only people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks!” Being an entrepreneur has become the cool thing to do these days but many quickly figure out the true meaning of that lifestyle. The free agents excel in the merchant services industry as they can recognize the full potential of the opportunity that lies within.

The Part-Timer:

Many part-timers exist in this industry as they see the opportunity to control their income in their spare time. Not everyone has the opportunity to jump right into this industry with a full commitment but that is also what makes independent contractor jobs so unique. And with a unique opportunity comes unique circumstances for the people within. The part-timer also sees the potential for what they can create and goes after it. They know that their part-time efforts can eventually lead to a full-time income.

The Full-Time Sales Rep:

The Full-Time Sales Rep has traded in the salary with a ceiling for a residual income with none. When beginning in merchant service sales, it can be a bit difficult to reach full time level but not after a few months of hard work. Often the by product of the part-timer, this type of opportunist knows their strength in selling and relationship building and knows that the more they put in, the more they will get out of this opportunity.

The Scholar:

School is expensive, what is not expensive is when you spend your free time at school making money. Those who spend their time wisely have an opportunity unlike most, to graduate debt free! And even better, graduate with an income. The college student at any age who sees the potential with True Merchant uses their time to focus on passing their classes while creating a better future for themselves post graduation.

The Strategic Partner:

As stated, unique opportunities lie within True Merchant and not every entrepreneur or sales rep has the opportunity to leave their current opportunity for this one. They do however realize that an opportunity still exists the same way dressing enhances the taste of a salad. B2B companies and services have a unique opportunity within this industry as they can also provide an additional service (one that every business needs) and collect a residual check from that business in addition to what was already sold.

The Referral Artist:

Again, B2B companies and services excel here by not changing the style of their internal operations but realizing the incredible value that lies within simply passing on a referral. Their commitment level does not require anything more than passing a potential opportunity along to True Merchant. As it is stated, the more you put in, the more you will get out and some referral artists have later found themselves working in a full-time capacity.

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Authored By:  Pat Hanavan