Healthcare Payment Processing

Medical billing is a nightmare. To anyone reading this who works in the medical field, we are well aware that we are preaching to the choir! However, not every step has to be complicated! When it comes to the nuts and bolts of accepting payment, doctor’s offices operate very similarly to any typical business. The logistics of working with insurance companies, collection agencies, and patients is definitely complicated, but working with True Merchant can simplify it a little bit! We will handle the technical aspects of accepting cash, credit cards, debit cards, and much more so that you can focus on your practice.

We’ll guide you through all the steps to finding the very best payment processing solutions for your needs.

We have the resources and excellent customer service to make sure all your concerns are not only heard, but addressed in a way that will help your practice thrive.

We know that in healthcare, one of the biggest concerns is security. Payment security and privacy are critical in any industry, but healthcare payments are among the most regulated and scrutinized of all transactions. HIPAA requires payment information to be protected just like any other personal health information, so it is vitally important to be partnered with a merchant service that you trust! On top of that, data security breaches in healthcare suffer the highest per capita data breach costs. Along with this price tag comes negative press and erosion of patient trust.

healthcare payment solutions

By Partnering with True Merchant and processing on the Cardpointe Platform, your transactions are protected with CardSecure. Upon capturing sensitive cardholder data, it’s immediately tokenized with P2PE technology. Tokenization is one of the most effective ways to increase payment security and protect patient information.

We know that you would rather focus on care than worrying about payment processing and security. Contact True Merchant today and starting accepting payments on CardSecure.

We know your priority is running your business, so let us handle your payment processing.

With True Merchant, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and total transparency so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.