Happy Employees + Happy Customers = Much Success in 2016

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What is one of the most important things a company should focus on? Is it the money, new technologies, accelerated growth? Opinions may differ as to what individuals will think is most important about their business but nothing else matters if the focus is not on the people.

It’s a simple formula: Happy Employees + Happy Customers = Much Success in 2016

Fear all you want of the potential A.I. takeover of our jobs―pleased to meet you Ava. People are still extremely vital to a company’s success. Replacing a McDonald’s employee with a touchscreen computer may be easy-to-do but most technologies are built to enhance our potential as individuals. The creation of these technologies is what allows us to accomplish more in less time. Look at the progression between a typewriter and a laptop. 

Following a recent visit to CardConnect’s new offices in Philadelphia revealed the one key element responsible for their massive success―they focus on people. Even a one man operation should have a top priority focus on the people within their organization.

Our trip to Philadelphia was to see the release and demo of a game-changing technology for business owners: CardPointe. Even more impressive than the release of this new product was their new office space built to accommodate the company’s recent expansion. The release of their new product coupled with the Google-like office buildout proves the company has both an inward focus on the people who help run their business as well as an outward focus on fulfilling the needs of their customers by creating new technologies that exceed expectations. 

With locally farmed fresh fruit and veggies delivered to the office, a room dedicated to mindfulness and yoga, a ping pong table, and much more, CardConnect’s new office buildout was definitely for the people. 

“CardConnect firmly believes in fostering healthy behaviors in our employees, as our health can be directly correlated to our happiness, and happy employees make a happy workplace.” 

cardconnect-office-kitchencardconnect-office-librarycardconnect-office-open-format cardconnect-office-cubby-holes cardconnect-office-ping-pong-table

“Creating a cool office space can and should reflect a company’s culture,” says Samantha Zupan from Glassdoor.

CardConnect is a forward-thinking company and in today’s world of constant change and advancement, anyone not forward-thinking will have a tough time later catching up. As a leading provider of payment processing and technology services helping more than 60,000 merchants across the U.S., CardConnect is also responsible for the patented tokenization method of security that surpasses industry standards providing the most secure payment processing solution.

And all of us at True Merchant could not be more excited to be partnered with such an exciting company.

Authored By:  Pat Hanavan