Do I Need a Mobile Credit Card Payment Solution?

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As the old saying goes: the customer is always right. And in today’s day and age, the vast majority of customers expect to be able to use credit cards in nearly all situations. Even businesses which were previously thought of as being cash only have mostly made the change to accept credit cards and other electronic payments.

This begs the question, do you need a mobile credit card payment solution? While there is no one answer which holds true for all small business owners and operators, there are some high level concepts about mobile payment processing which can help you to make an informed decision.

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The Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Machines

To understand whether or not mobile payment processing is right for you, it is important to first understand the potential benefits.

The ability to accept credit card and debit cards on the go. The first and most important benefit is also the most obvious — you will be able to accept electronic payments on the go. This is ideal for small businesses who do not have a set location or who move around to meet clients.

Mobile payment processing is fast and convenient. Along those lines, many customers may be happy to pay with cash or check but will certainly enjoy the convenience and speed of paying with a credit card or debit card.

Mobile credit card payment solutions may offer additional data. Many mobile payment solution options will also track data from customers, service details, and so forth so that you can better formulate future business decisions.

Is Mobile Payment Processing Secure?

Absolutely, mobile credit card payment processing is secure when executed properly. In fact, many industry experts believe that mobile payment processing is as secure if not more secure than point-of-sale processing methods. It is human nature to think that credit card payments accepted on a mobile credit card device may be more at risk. This simply is not true.

All credit card payments accepted on a mobile payment processing solution are instant, secured, and logged into the merchant’s account history. Most systems will automatically upload all transactional data which also largely eliminates the risk of losing payments/information if the device should break or become damaged.

Mobile payment processing eliminates the need for checks, eliminates the need to carry around large amounts of cash, and provides the same level of security as POS payment processing systems.

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Mobile Payment Solutions to Fit Your Needs

If you are considering switching to or adopting a mobile payment solution, there are a lot of factors to consider when making the correct choice. Here are some features which may help you decide on the best system to fit your individual needs:

  • Digital signature: eliminate the need for paper altogether by allowing your customers to sign digitally and even offer digital receipts.

  • Accept mobile payments offline: even out in the middle of nowhere with no signal, mobile payment processing should still accept payments! Once back online, the information will be uploaded and processed.

  • Chip, PIN magstripe, and NFC/contactless payment acceptance: consider a mobile payment processing option which accepts a wide range of electronic payments.

  • Long battery life, solid design, easy to use: this product will likely be a workhorse for your business. Features that will make it easy and convenient to use should not be overlooked.

  • Color screen, touch screen, and more: along those same lines, some businesses may want to consider how the appearance of the screen for both ease of use and as a pleasant presentation for customers.

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Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing FAQs

Are mobile credit card payment processing solutions more expensive than POS systems?

Not necessarily, no. This is dependent on a number of factors such as the system you choose, the associated features you choose, volume of transactions, and much more.

Do mobile payment processors sync up with phone apps?

Some do. This is another consideration which may or may not end up being important to your small business. It is vital to understand that there are many options available for merchants who wish to accept credit card payments on the go. Speaking to a professional and finding the right fit is key.

Is mobile payment processing done in real-time?

Absolutely! In fact some systems allow merchants to manage account transactions and other information in real-time as well. This enables business owners and operators to view lifecycle reports, processed payments, give refunds, and void purchases with ease.

True Merchant Payment Processing Solutions for Small Businesses

The payment processing experts at True Merchant understand that going mobile can be a huge decision for any small business. This is why we take the time to explore options with our clients, finding the right fit for their budget and individual needs. We are proud to offer a large suite of products including wireless credit card machines, online payment solutions, mobile payment solutions, and much more!

If you are considering mobile credit card payment or simply have any questions about how we might be able to help, do not hesitate to call or email us today! A qualified professional will be ready to help you with the next steps toward taking your business mobile.