Benefits of Joining the Better Business Bureau

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The Better Business Bureau has been operational in the United States for over 100 years. The BBB describes its goal as providing “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.” This simple task has paved the road for one of the most well-known and well-respected consumer advocacy groups in the world.

As a small business, the benefits of becoming Better Business Bureau accredited are many. Today, we will review some of these benefits, identify how to become accredited, and answer some frequently asked questions about the BBB as a whole.

How to Become Better Business Bureau Accredited

How to Become Better Business Bureau Accredited

The Better Business Bureau is actually a collection of over 100 independently operated institutions. These institutions may be run separately, but they all adhere to the same BBB accreditation standards. These standards focus on the trustworthiness of the business and do not make any judgment on the actual services or products provided by the business.

Just a few of the BBB accreditation standards include:

  • Operating in good standing for a minimum of six (6) consecutive months: businesses must operate without pause for the six most previous months to become accredited.

  • Operating within local, state, and federal regulations: any government action being placed against a business may be cause for a business to become ineligible for BBB accreditation.

  • Advertises honestly and ethically: any false advertisements, illegal advertisements, or violations of the BBB Code of Advertising may be cause for ineligibility.

  • Compliance with Better Business Bureau requests: during the accreditation process, the BBB may request additional information. The response time and the quality of the information provided will be considered.

  • Much more: speak with a BBB representative to learn more details about the application and accreditation process.

BBB Accreditation Leads to Greater Consumer Confidence

BBB Accreditation Leads to Greater Consumer Confidence

In today’s age of endless consumer possibilities, it can be easy to get lost amongst overwhelming choice. BBB accreditation tells your prospective consumers that your small business is well run and trustworthy.

This level of accountability benefits both the business and the consumer. Consumers can rest assured that businesses are being held to the BBB standard, which builds confidence. And businesses have clear benchmarks around which they can build their operation. The Better Business Bureau has created a strict standard so both sides of the equation know exactly what to expect.

Other Benefits of Joining the Better Business Bureau

In addition to building a foundation of trust, a BBB accreditation may help your small business in a number of other ways, including:

  • The BBB Seal: The famous BBB torch is a symbol which can be used on promotional material, websites, business cards, invoices, and so forth.

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Listings: many customers actually go through the BBB to find reputable companies.

  • Gain the upper hand in bidding scenarios: similar companies frequently submit similar bids for business. When all other factors are more or less equal, having the BBB accreditation on your side just might win you that valuable business.

  • Improved public transparency: with the Better Business Bureau on your side, your small business will be in a better position to present itself to your consumer base.

Better Business Bureau FAQs

What does it cost to join the Better Business Bureau?

The actual price of BBB accreditation is dependent on your number of employees. For up-to-date pricing, please visit the Better Business Bureau to learn more

Does Better Business Bureau accreditation help employees?

There are two ways that a BBB accreditation may help your relationship with employees: 1. It shows your employees that you are a trustworthy business and place to work (this also reflects well for any future employers) and 2. The BBB offers several employee programs such as Smart Investing.

How do I deal with BBB complaints filed against my company?
How do I deal with BBB complaints filed against my company?

The number one tip when dealing with Better Business Bureau complaints is to respond quickly and respectfully. “Quickly” should not be as soon as possible, but as soon as your organization is reasonably prepared to offer a valid response. From there, cooperating with the BBB and providing all necessary documentation is a must.

This is why well organized records are a must for businesses of all sizes. Prove that your company did no wrong OR accept the responsibility for your mistakes. The BBB is not in the business of making sure companies never make errors — they are in the business of making sure that your company is responsible, honest, and up to standard.

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