Business to Business Payment Solutions

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) clients have unique needs when it comes to payment processing. The Cardpointe Platform has a full suite of solutions and an interchange optimization program. If you’re not taking advantage of interchange optimization, you are likely paying too much to accept credit card payments.

Most of the time, interchange is a fixed cost. However, when you process certain business and credit cards with the Cardpointe gateway, you’ll automatically transmit additional cardholder data which qualifies you for lower interchange fees! The best part is that Cardpointe will do all the work for you. All Cardpointe products including desktop terminals, mobile apps, virtual terminals, and hosted payments pages will transmit this data automatically. You’ll enjoy the savings no matter how you capture credit card payments! In addition to lowering your costs to accept business cards, Cardpointe also offers a host of additional features to help your business run smoothly. You can store customer profiles, set up recurring billing, access multiple accounts from a single login, set unlimited system users, view real-time transaction reporting, and accept electronic checks or ACH payments.

Our unique solutions for B2B and B2G clients will help your business thrive. We know the space well and are here to answer all your questions. Contact True Merchant to simplify your payment processing and start saving today!

We know your priority is running your business, so let us handle your payment processing.

With True Merchant, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and total transparency so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.