Cost Reductions Programs

Do you want to reduce or even eliminate your credit card processing fees?

You may be able to with True Merchant’s Advocate Program! This program offers several options, all of which essentially pass on the cost or a portion of the cost of credit card processing to the consumer. Each program has unique features and compliance requirements, which can sometimes be confusing. This is why it’s crucial to find a trusted advisor to help navigate the process, like True Merchant! We have the experience and resources to make sure you implement a compliant program.

There are three different types of Advocate programs, including cash discount, surcharging, and convenience fees.

Cash Discount

With the Cash Discount option, your business would include credit card processing costs in your listed prices and offer a discount when customers pay in cash. This program is available in every state and has mark-up, signage, and customer receipt compliance requirements.


With the Surcharging option, your business would charge an additional fee for customers who pay with credit cards. Surcharging is prohibited on debit and pre-paid cards and in certain states, so work with your True Merchant advisor to check if this is an option for you! Companies are also required to register a surcharging program with Visa and Mastercard, and there are signage and customer receipt compliance requirements.

Convenience Fee

With the Convenience Fee option, your business would charge an additional fee for the convenience of paying online. You must offer an alternative way to accept payments so your customer can avoid paying this fee. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express all have different requirements for implementing convenience fees. There are also rules for customer notification and receipts; your True Merchant advisor would be happy to walk you through all of these requirements!

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce the costs of credit card processing. With True Merchant traditional processing programs, our customers already receive the lowest and most transparent rates with Interchange plus pricing! The Advocate Program takes the savings to another level, and True Merchant will ensure you launch a program that’s the best for your business and complies with the card brands and state regulations.

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We would be happy to walk you through each option in more detail and figure out which one would be best for your business.