ACH Services

Does your business accept checks as a form of payment?

Do you want to give your customers the option to pay online with their checking account instead of a credit card?

With True Merchant’s ACH/E-Check option, your customers have the same convenience of paying by credit cards when they pay by check. Our system simply captures your customer’s routing and account number and electronically processes the payment.

Here’s the best part: ACH Payments are not subject to interchange costs and are significantly less expensive.

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Recurring Billing

Does your business bill your customers every month?

Then you’ll love your recurring billing feature. It’s easy! Simply create a custom payment plan. Then enter the amount you want to bill to your customer, followed by the frequency (every day, week, month, etc.). Finally, add the length of time of the billing plan. CardPointe recurring billing gives you the ability to choose a start and end date, number of payments, or until canceled date.

Here’s the best part: recurring billing is available on every Cardpointe account.

Recurring Billing isn’t just for businesses who offer subscriptions or memberships; some are clients are using this feature to create billing plans for larger purchases or services, or to make arrangements to collect past due amounts.

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