15 Most Popular EMV Terminal Processing Options (Infographic)

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The tools we use help to determine the quality of our work. The October 1st EMV mandatory deadline came and went and as expected, 100% of businesses have not made the switch to become EMV compliant. A large percentage of businesses still have not made the switch to an EMV terminal and that’s ok. However, continuing to ignore the deadline places your business in a vulnerable position.

Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right” – Ani DiFranco

Knowing that you may need to make the switchor maybe you’re simply looking for new optionsit’s best to determine what type of equipment will be the right tool for your business. Having the right tools in place will help you better run your business but determining what tool is right for your business takes some research.

The infographic below will help you determine what tool is right for your business. Each EMV compliant POS terminal comes with a unique set of features. This infographic is designed to help assist you in the decision process when determining new hardware for your business.

These are the 15 most popular EMV terminal processing options:


What solutions do you need for your business?


IP connectivity with dial-up backup also providing Wi-Fi as an option.

Gift Cards

Accept Gift Cards which can be processed through a standard electronic POS terminal or credit card machine.

Wright Express/Voyager:

The Voyager Fleet Card is the fastest growing universal fuel and maintenance fleet card in the industry with 240,000 regional, national, local and independent locations in all 50 states. Wright Express is accepted at over 90% of the nation’s retail fuel locations. 


Built-in check reader helps guard against the risks, inefficiencies and expenses associated with paper checks.

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Authored By:  Pat Hanavan